A new era
for Douris Chastel knives


In order to adapt DOURIS CHASTEL knives to GOYON-CHAZEAU's manufacturing methods, all supplies have been rethought.

They all come from Thiers area, are made in hardenned stainless steel and are polished by hand in our workshop.

We have selected Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel for the blades.
This steel allows us to offer efficient cutting knives with a cutting edge easy to maintain.
All our blades are hardenned, and benefit from a full flat grinding (in V).

Knives are handmade by our team; if machines accompany the gesture, the human hand remains the main and the best tool.

traditional pocket Knife manufacturing requires several dozen production steps ; they are even more numerous for multi-blade knives which have the greatest number of steps.


Douris Chastel knives


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As the supplies (parts) are no longer the same, we are not able to provide after-sales service for DOURIS CHASTEL knives made by DOURIS CHASTEL.

However, in certain cases, we can find solutions with some cutlers.

We suggest you to send us your request with photos to

We will reply to you as soon as possible.


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